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5:21 PM

My Favorite Mug =)
Drinking green tea helps with eczema and is full of antioxidants.  A tip I read from Dr. Nicholas Perricone’s book, “Forever Young,” suggests adding a cinnamon stick, which makes it taste so much better.  Prior to that tip, I had a really difficult time drinking the stuff.  It also helps to add Truvia, or any sweetner derived from Stevia.  Stevia is the lesser of evils when it comes to artificial sweetners since it is natural.  Cinnamon is an anti-inflammatory, so adding it adds an extra healthy boost of flavor.  Another beneficial tea is peppermint tea, which is my personal favorite.  It is good for the skin, and also good for relieving stomachaches and intestinal discomfort.  I would only drink this if you really love peppermint, otherwise, the flavor would just be too much.  Peppermint tea is also relaxing, and a good alternative to coffee if you need to focus (this also applies to green tea.)  Fish Oil Supplements may also help with eczema, and it has a long list of other health benefits involving the heart and brain function.  Since I have combined these three tips, my eczema has gotten less severe on my legs and arms. If you have any particular fish allergies, be really careful and take your time when choosing a supplement.  I am allergic to tilapia and many other fish, so I had to read many labels before I finally found a supplement that worked for me. Once you do, it is well worth it.  I feel much better since I started drinking tea and taking fish oil.  I still love my coffee, though =) Luckily it has health benefits of its own, just none that are skin related.
I also bought Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Cleanser today.  I have used it once and so far, so good.  No burning or itching, which has happened to me with previous natural products.  My face felt smooth and clean. The cleanser also has a pleasant fruity smell.  I also like that the cleanser has a naturally derived form of salicylic acid. Fingers crossed that it continues to work well and does not cause any flare ups. 
So make a cup of tea, enjoy and reap the benefits. And read "Forever Young."  It has a lot of wonderful information in it.

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