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I thought I would share some of my favorite hair products. I use drug store brands instead of salon brands to save some money, and I think they work just as good.  I have curly, thick and really dry hair.  And I also have sebhorrheic dermatitis, so these products either help, or do not make it worse.
1.)    John Frieda Root Awakening Shampoo and Conditioner.  Since I have been using this, my hair is so much softer and stronger.  I began using this after a hair cut about a month ago, and have fewer split ends than I would normally have.
2.)    John Frieda Luminous Color Glaze for Brunettes: This keeps my hair looking shiny between colors and keeps my red undertones at bay. Sadly, I just found out that they discontinued this and have the Brilliant Brunette Liquid Shine Luminous Color Glaze, which appears to be the same product just with a different name.
3.)    John Frieda Hair Serum Thermal Protection Formula.  I even use this when I do not blow dry my hair.  I like this serum better than the original.  Their original formula straightens out my hair, which is not what I want.  The thermal protection formula fights frizz and protects my hair without straightening it. 
4.)    I have quite a few styling products that I like equally.  So in random order, they are John Frieda Frizz Ease Dream Curls Perfecting Spray, Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Mousse and Spray Gel, Pantene Curl Enhancing Spray Gel and Curl Defining Mousse.  All of these products define curls and keep frizz away without making hair crunchy.  And the Totally Twisted Products smell really good, which is just a nice added bonus.
5.)    Bliss Super Shine Shampoo and Conditioner.  This brand is pricey, but I could see a real difference in my hair.  The shampoo and conditioner made it look and feel softer.  My hair was also less frizzy.  This line has avocado oil in it, which is good for hair.
6.)    Selsun Blue. I use this two or three times a week for sebhorrheic dermatitis, and it does help with itching and dandruff. 
7.)    Olive Oil.  This is the perfect solution for extremely dry hair. Just apply and let sit for 30 minutes, rinse with cool water and presto.. smooth, shiny hair.
8.)    Pantene Satin Hold Hairspray.  It comes in an aerosol, and non-aerosol form.  Either way, the hold is great and does not make hair stiff.

And some extra tips:
I got the first two from the Instyle Hair Issue and have tried them; they really do work.
1.) Condition your hair first if you want to add volume.; conditioner just weighs your down.
2.) If you have dandruff, crush up some aspirin tablets and mix with your shampoo.  This acts as an exfoilant.
3.) If frizz is a concern, rinse your hair with cold water instead of hot.

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