A Few Extra Tips For Eczema

8:54 PM

This is directed to people that are new to the condition.  Anyone with some experience will already know most, or all of these.
1.)    Avoid Gain laundry detergent.  This is a flare up waiting to happen.
2.)    Wait until after a shower or bath to apply any topical creams and lotions.  It will absorb into the skin better and work more effectively.  Also, try to apply something that is very emollient, such as Vaseline.
3.)    Bleach baths. Sounds crazy, but apparently they are effective (I have not tried them) They prevent any possible infection from building up. 
4.)    Oatmeal baths.  Nothing is more soothing for irritated and itchy skin.
5.)    No body scrubs or harsh face scrubs if your eczema is really bad. 
6.)    Drink green tea daily.
7.)    Take fish oil. I like Nature Made.
8.)    Try to incorporate some cinnamon into your diet; it acts as an anti-inflammatory.  I like to add a cinnamon stick to my green tea, it makes the tea taste much better.
9.)    Know what you are allergic too.  If you have never had an allergy test, get one if possible. 
10.)  Buy fragrance free items if they are available.  Strong fragrances are the worst enemy of someone with eczema.
11.) Wear sunscreen at all times, and avoid being in the heat as much as possible.  This one is especially true for me.   My eczema seems to get worse in the summer.
12.)  As for anything else, a good diet is important.
13.) Relax and take some “me” time.  Stress is a major trigger of eczema, too.
14.) Avoid taking hot showers/baths as they are very drying and strip skin of its natural oils. Yeah, I can’t do it either. I hate a cold shower.
15.) Use moisturizer multiple times a day to prevent the skin from drying out.
16.) Use mild soaps, such as Dove. Or no soap at all. Cetaphil has good skincare products for sensitive skin, as does CeraVe.  And they are easy to find at your local drug store.

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  1. thanks so much for the tips i have eczema as well...


  2. Thank you for reading, and I hope some of the tips will help. Having eczema can be very unplesant. And, I followed your blog, too =)

  3. I cannot recommend smothering your skin with calamine lotion enough! Your local pharmacy will sell it for really cheap. It instantly stops the burning, itching and reduces redness, im not sure what i'd have done all these years without it! :-)

  4. Thanks for the tip :) I will look at my pharmacy next time I stop in. Sounds like it would be perfect for the stubborn eczema on my hand.


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