Perricone MD Eye Lift Synergy

3:51 PM

Oh my goodness; this stuff is amazing!! Expensive, but amazing.  I just used it and literally rushed to my computer to blog about it.  My mom and I went to Sephora this afternoon to find her a good skincare regimen,  This is what a Sephora associate and a lady emlpoyed by Perricone MD told her to use.  Talk about instant results.  I am a huge skeptic when someone tells me that something gives immediate results.  But I can attest that this works.  I have seen it three times. Twice on my mom, and once on me.  My mom has puffiness with a little darkness and often looks tired. After putting on the High Potency Eye Lift and Vitamin C Ester Serum, she looked wide awake and more youthful.  I just have bad dark circles and look tired, I put on the products, and I looked instantly more alert.  I need to post some before and after pictures of the results.  It is pretty pricey ($95), but this will easily last 8 months to a year and you are getting the Vitamin C serum for free. And it causes no stinging or irritation. I also got the Skin Clear Cleanser and Hydrator, but have yet to try them. I just wanted to share the amazing results of the Eye Lift Synergy for anyone that has dark circles, puffiness and looks tired.  I also think it is worh buying Dr. Perricone's book "Forever Young." It has good tips and information, plus some recipes.  He is very innovative and also believes that diet is just as important as a good skin care regimen.

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