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I was a little skeptical about trying their skincare.  I did not think it would be good; maybe average at best.  Well, they have proved me wrong. I have not used everything, but I have been impressed and pleased with what I do have.  I will start with their makeup.
Sephora Collection Colorful Mono Eyeshadow: this is much better than drugstore brand shadow, but it is a little more expensive ($12) The pigmentation is good, as is the staying power when used with a primer.  The variety of shades is insane; there is something for everyone.
Sephora Collection Tinted Moisturizer:  My favorite tinted moisturizer of the ones I have tried (including Aveeno, Philosophy and Neutrogena).  The lightest shade is not too dark (in the other brands it is)  and it has decent coverage.  I also like the dispenser.
Sephora Ultra Vinyl Lip Pencil.: I would love this if it had a larger variety of shades.  As of now, the only pretty one is Strawberry Delish, which is a bright pink.  But the product itself is good.  It is smooth, nondrying and stays put.  When it does wear off, it still leaves a slight stain behind.
Sephora Flashy Liner:  This is actually my favorite eyeliner that is not self-sharpening.  This applies very smoothly and minimal tugging is needed.  It is also waterproof and long lasting.

Sculpting Disk:  This is a very handy product.  The "Sun" shade is a perfect bronzer for fair skin.  "Light" is a good highlighter for the brow bone and nose.  The matte powder is just that, no extra coverage.  It just gets rid of any extra skine. Not to mention the sculpting disk huge and will last a very long time.  I would say it is a good investment, and the price is not too steep ($24).

Lash Plumper:  A pretty good mascara.  The quality is better than any drug store brand, but not as good as Lancome's Hypnose Drama (which I would marry if possible, lol).  It volumizes lashes pretty well without clumping.  My only gripe is that it is not sold in navy, which I recieved a full size sample of.  It was perfect for making eyes look birghter.
Now on to their skincare.  I have only tried three items from their line, but so far I really like it and want to try the rest.
Dual Action Exfoliator:  I mentioned this in my “Serums, Scrubs and Such” post and love it so much I will mention it again.  This, in my experience, is the best exfoilant for combination/sensitive skin.  Actually, it is two products in one.  One side has a green cream meant to deep clean the T-zone.  The other side is more like a white gel with gentle microbeads; much less harsh than your average scrub and just as effective.  One jar should last you over three months.
Age Defy Eye Cream.  This one is a miracle worker; at least for my eyes.  Within a week and half, my eyes look younger.  I know I am only 21, but the skin under my eyes looks, or looked, older.  I had dark circles, what looked like the beginnings of crows feet and some horizontal lines under my eyes.  Needless to say, I was getting sick of them.  So I ran out of an eye serum I was using, went to Sephora in hunt of another, and decided on this cream.  Probably the best skincare decision I have made.  My dark circles are still there, but they have greatly diminished and so have the other lines.  My only minor complaint is that it isn’t quite as moisturizing as I would like but it gets the job done.  The price is right, which applies to all Sephora Collection skincare and makeup.
Eye Makeup Remover:  Also very good.  It doesn’t sting and gets makeup off easily. 
Sephora by O.P.I Drying Spray: I had my doubts, but this really does work, and it is much more convenient than the drying drops.  My nails dried so much faster and the polish seems to be lasting longer. I painted them a week ago and there is very minimal chipping.

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