Skincare Overhaul

9:08 AM

I'm on day 2 of my skincare overhaul, and I am also trying to adjust my diet. I have had four cups of green tea within 24 hours, normally I just have 1 a day.  I have switched to all Perricone MD products. Yes, his line is pricey but I think you will find the results speak for themselves.  Do your research before trying any of his products.  They are designed to be applied a certain way, if you mess up the order, the effects will not be as good. If you live near a Sephora, I advise going and getting their opinion.  They should have an associate that specializes in Perricone products. Also, check to see if the store is having an event that is showcasing his products and work,  That is the most helpful since people emploeyed though Perricone are there.  And do not be afraid to ask for samples.  Since his stuff is pricey, you want to make sure it will really work for your skin.  Also, he does have an anti-inflammatory diet plan that works in conjuction with his products. He also sells supplements, such as fish oil. I can't speak for his fish oil because it contains Tilapia, which I am allergic to. He also has the "Super" line which is designed for younger, problem free skin.  I have tried a few products from this line and returned all of them; they were not impressive.  In a short summary of his dietary advice, drink a lot of green tea, eat a variety of fruits and veggies that are brightly colored and use spices such as cinnamon, basil and sage. And he also allows dark chocolate =) This all can be found in his book "Forever Young" along with some recipes.  I will say in advance, that he does use a lot of scientific terms, but explains it to where readers get a general idea of what he is talking about.  Basically, the key to fighting diesease and aging is to preserve the mitochondria of cells and fight off free radicals.

Morning: Skin Clear Cleanser
               Intensive Pore Minimizer
              More Than Moisture
              Eye Lift Synergy (High Potnency Eye Lift and Vitamin C Ester Serum)
Night: The same, but I switch out the More Than Moisture for Skin Clear Hydrator.

My skin is starting to clear up nicely, and I think I look more awake now. I am including some before and after pictures so you guys can see. I am not wearing any makeup, other than some lip balm.

 I think my skin and eyes look really tired here, and my skin lacks a certain "glow."
In this, and the following pic, you can see a marked improvement in overall claity, texture and tone.  The only product I am wearing is Fresh Rose Tinted Lip Treatment.

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