What is eczema?

12:58 PM

                                           Some of the places on my leg.
My right ring finger on a good day, usually it looks terrible and drives me crazy.

For anyone who does not have eczema, it may be a puzzling condition.  The world thinks of it as just some dry skin and a minor itch.  Not so.  I realize that I am fortunate and my eczema is mild compared to that of many others.  It is commonly called atopic dermatitis and can exist in different forms, but the symptoms are the same.  Basically, the immune system of a person that has eczema  goes awry in response to an allergen, or stumulant.  Most people with eczema are allergic to many different things, such as plant products ( I cannot use any all natural products), animal dander, foods,molds, chemicals, smoke, dust, various fragrances and other things that are difficult to avoid.   Eczema is characterized by inflamed patches of skin that are dry, itchy and red.  Where these patches are located varies from person to person.   For example, my eczema flare ups are on the side of my legs, back of my knees, the inside of my elbow, eyelids, forehead and lips.  If anyone has eczema on their face, you share my pain.  That is one of the worst places to have it because it is impossible to conceal, and the itching mixed with dryness is nearly unbearable at times.  Eczema typically presents itself at an early age and often improves as an individual ages.   But in some cases, like mine, it can get worse and spread.  It is a hereditary condition and coincides with allergies, asthma and hay fever.  Stress also contributes to flare ups.  My eczema is never 100% clear as a result of stress, and possibly uknown allergies.  Getting tested for allergies, avoiding the allergens and trying your best to avoid stressful situations are the best way to treat eczema.  Topical creams, oral medications, and lotions are also used.  Eczema is no walk in the park. Granted there are far worse conditions to have, it is still tough to deal with.  As a result, we have to be even more careful of what kind of products come in contact with our skin.  We cannot use some of the same prodcuts as people with normal skin. Eczema takes a hard toll on confidence. I used to hate wearing dresses, skirts, shorts and sleevless shirts. Finally I just accepted it, even though it took about 10 years. This blog is my way of helping people find products that may help them, give brief and simple makeup tutorials, and being a source of support and information.  And I know there are some women out there that like makeup, but probably have a hard time finding non-irritating products. This is just some brief background information for everyone with or without eczema.  I hope you will help me raise awareness and support for this condition.

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