The absolute best eyeliner.

8:21 PM

I know everyone has probably heard about how great Urban Decay 24/7 Gide On Eye Pencil is.  I am here to tell you that the hype is true.  It really is the best and they picked the perfect name. There is a wonderful variety of colors to choose from.  These pencils are so smooth and glide right on.  No pulling or tugging necessary, which means less wrinkes around the eyes.  They also last all day long and require no touch ups.  They also don't migrate to above or below where you apply them.  And they are very pigmented.  Amazing, amazing product.  I have a pretty large collection, but it doesn't even cover how many they have.  I also included one of the lipliners, Wicked.  They are every bit as good as the eye pencils.  And they are eczema friendly =)  No itching, redness or watery eyes.

Wicked, Flipside, Deviant, Bourbon, El Dorado, Oil Slick, Zero, Whiskey, Binge, Rockstar, Stash, Gunmetal and Electric.

Far left: Wicked.  Bottom row: Flipside, Deviant, Bourbon, Whiskey, Oil Slick, Zero, Binge, Rockstar*, Stash.
Top row: Ransom, Gunmetal, Electric and Stash again.
El Dorado is not pictured, but it is a lovely true gold.

*Rockstar is a very dark purple that looks brown in this picture.

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