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The first four tips came from The Doctors tv show, and I thought I would pass them on to anyone that doesn't watch the show or can't because of work/school.

These are especially good if you have blotchy skin with redness and brown spots. 
Tomatoes: Rub half a tomato over your face, or leave slices on your face for 15 minutes to unclog pores.  Or, you can just look into the Say Yes to Tomatoes skincare line that is sold at Wal-Mart and Target.  The lycopene in tomatoes helps soothe skin and unclog pores.

Another way to get rid of blotchiness is a green tea spritzer.  Just mix up some tea, rose hips, aloe vera juice and chamomile. Put in a spray bottle and carry it with you.  I haven't tried this yet, but hopfeullu will try it this weekend. That is if I can find any rose hips. No such luck right now. But I will keep trying. If anyone knows a good place to try, please let me know. I have looked online at local herb and health food shops, but no luck. They just have tea and capsules.

Apparently another good way to get rid of blotchiness, is to use a product like Pepto Bismal(liquid) as a face mask.  It causes the blemish to dry up and flake off.  Who knew?  A lot of similar medications have salicylic acid, which I never knew.  So I learned something new today. Just slather it on and let it sit for 10-15 minutes.

Another way to dry up a pimple is to use a mix of lemon juice, Brewer's yeast and water.  Only apply to the pimple and let it sit for 10 minutes.  The yeast will kill the bacteria that caused the blemish.

A simple way to get rid of dry lips is to use a scrub made from olive oil and sugar.

When my skin is going through a rare dry spell, I like to put olive oil right on my face.  It is very moisturizing and soothing.

For tired and puffy eyes, use tea bags instead of cucumbers.  Cucumbers don't really accomplish much other than a cooling effect.  They are just mostly water.  Tea bags are soothing, but also have more antioxidants.

Oatmeal mask:  Mix oats and hot water in a bowl. You can add honey, and/or egg whites if desired.  This mask would be great for anyone with eczema; same soothing effects as an oatmeal bath.

Add some salt to a pesky pimnple to draw it out. I have tried this a few times, and it does work.  You can also do the same with baby aspirin. Crush the tablets and make a paste and apply.

Give yourself a steam facial.  Just get a bowl of boiling, steamy water and hold your face just above it.  Place a towl over your head and the bowl. Do this for 10 to 15 minutes.  This will open up your pores.  Then cleanse your face and rinse with cold water to close them back up.

Whip up some honey and yogurt for dry skin.  Or use some mashed up avocado as a face mask.

I will be constantly updating this post with ideas as I come across them, so please check back or follow me on Twitter for updates on older posts, @KristenNoel1990.

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  1. once again great tips i never knew about the salt on pimple.. great tip


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