The Best Concealers, and some tips.

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Bobbi Brown Corrector: This is an essential if you have really bad dark circles like myself.  I put this one and looked more refreshed instantly.  This is designed to be used with the Creamy Concealer Kit, and the concealer is very creamy and easy to blend.  It also comes with a setting powder that is either white, or pale yellow depending on your shade.  The key for getting a concealer for dark circles is to use a orange or peach based concealer to counter the darkness.  Also, go a shade lighter than your skin tone.  Another bonus is that both come with mirrors.  These will also last a long time, so the price is very well worth it. The corrector and concealer are two different products, but work best when used in conjuction with each other.  If you do not have bad dark circles and don't want to spend the money, just get the Creamy Concealer Kit.

Sephora Collection Concealer Palette. This has a basic concealer for light and dark skintones, green to counter redness and lavender that can be used for sallowness or dull areas.  The only think I don't like about this palette is that you need a separate concealer for dark circles.  The concealers are very creamy, easy to blend and are not drying.  Plus it is inexpensive.  Another thing I do not like is that the palette does not have a mirror. 

Lancome Maquicomplet.  I love anything Lancome. This concealer is great for concealing blemishes, but not dark circles.  The wand makes it very convenient to apply, and you don't have to mess up your hands.  The container does not look very big, but I had my Maquiecomplet for a year before it ran out.

Loreal True Match Concealer.  This is the only drug store brand concealer I have used, and I actually like it. But I don't love it.  It has decent coverage but does not stay on very long. Also, it didn't conceal blemishes as well as I would like but it did cover up the redness around my nose very nicely.

The only concealer I have tried and hated is Benefit's Boing.  I don't know if I just got a bad pot of it, but it was so dry and was hard to blend out. Plus it did not cover anything.

Some tips for using concealers:

1.) Use a concealer brush for an even application and flawless finish.
2.) Use different concealers for blemishes and dark circles.
3.) Use an apricot, peach or orange based concealer for dark circles, and go a shade lighter.
4.) Do your research so you know what concealers are good for your skin type. 
5.) Don't try to match yourself if you have no experience in doing so.  It is easy for me since I am always the lightest shade.
6.) Green is for redness and lavender for brightening.
7.) Before applying under eye concealer, use a serum or eye cream so the skin is not too dry.  This will help the concealer blend better and not attach to dry flakes.

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  1. My dark circles were already out of the face picture for me. Guess what, I don't actually used concealers to get them out - I had a secret diet and eating habit plus exercise as well that - in my own view, really helped about removing dark circles other than using concealers.

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