Effects of Tea Tree Oil and Evening Primrose Oil

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I have been reading that tea tree oil and evening primrose oil are great for treating eczema.  But these were from what I consider unreliable sources, since the authors used the words "cure eczema" which is not possible.  You can make the symptoms go dormant, but eczema is not something to be cured.  I am not a fan of natural and organic products anyway because I have adverse reactions to many of them. But I decided to do a bit of research since these other sites and bloggers did not mention much else other than that these oils were helpful.  And that just isn't good enough for me, and it should not be good enough for anyone. I want to know the whole story. Here is a brief summary of what I learned.

Yes, tea tree oil can be effective in giving some relief. BUT, there are some negatives along with it.  Pure tea tree oil can actually cause irritation and atopic dermatitis.  Talk about a step backwards.  Even diluted oil can if the skin is very cracked or wounded.  Tea tree oil acts as an anti-fungal, anti-septic and anti-bacterial.  And never consume it; it is toxic if taken orally. I would only try this as a spot treatment for acne or the occasional blemish.  If you get pure tea tree oil, mix it with your moisturizer or a little olive oil.  And since it is an antiseptic, it can be used on cuts and scrapes to prevent chances of infection.  I did buy some tea tree oil by The Body Shop today to try on a few very stubborn blemishes, and I will try a little on a few eczema patches on my leg to see what happens.

I have been using the oil for tree days now.  It has not caused any irritation, and I have noticed some slight improvement on blemishes.  They are less red, but still very noticable.  If anything, the tea tree oil is great for opening up the sinuses.  It has a fairly strong smell similar to eucalyptus, but not as pleasant. 

I have not been able to find much about evening primrose oil and how effective it is.  Some people swear it works while others see no changes.

The one oil that does work for dry skin relief is olive oil. You may be a little greasy for a bit, but you're skin will feel a lot better. And I have a cool history fact for you.  The ancient Greeks and Romans bathed in olive oil and scraped it of with a stick.  As a result, they had glowing and smooth skin. See, there is reason to pay attention in your history class.

Another oil that has a lot of hype, but it is not useful is, vitamin E oil. Applied topically, it does nothing.  I have heard this from a few doctors and science professors.  My mom, and myself, have used vitamin E topically.  It did not do anything.  It doesn't really moisturize; it just sits on the surface of skin.  If taken orally, it has more of an effect but still nothing significant.

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