Essie Braziliant (Smooth Sailing)

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Smooth Sailing With Siver Shatter

This is my favorite shade of blue nail polish to date.  It is a unique color and I can't say that I have seen anything quite like it. Of course the formula is great, it is by Essie after all.  It has a hint of silver shimmer in it, and I actually feel pretty relaxed just looking at the color.  This is the only color I have from this collection (right now) but I have seen all of them and they are gorgeous.  From what I can tell, they all have a little bit of shimmer.  I got my bottle at Target, and it looks like the colors are going pretty fast.  In fact, they were completley out of Meet Me at Sunset.

Brazilant is a very bright, in your face orange.
Super Bossa Nova is a darker fuschia.
Too Too Hot is a vibrant red.
Meet Me at Sunset is a less intense, more dark version of Braziliant.
Absolutley Shore is more like a mint green than sea foam green.
Smooth Sailing:  is a dark periwinkle blue with subtle silver shimmer (it is a little difficult to describe).  It looks stunning in natural light.

I am hoping to at least get one or two more colors; I am leaning towards Absolutley Shore and Braziliant, just because it is totally different from something I would normally wear.
 All of the shades are perfect for summer and are worth checking out.

To make my nail polish last longer, I use Essie's Feed Me base coat (my nails look a lot better, too) then I apply two coats of Essie's No Chips Ahead top coat.  I let each coat dry for about five minutes, then I let the top coat dry for 45 seconds and spray my nails with Sephora by OPI Quick Dry Spray.  After letting them dry for about 10-15 minutes, I let ice cold water run over my nails, or stick them in a bowl of ice water.  This is a trick my mom taught me and it helps prevent chipping.
Smooth Sailing also looks great with a thin layer of O.P.I. silver shatter over it. think this is the prettiest shatter by any brand. The China Glaze Crackles are nothing to brag about.

Smooth Sailing Natural Light

With Flash

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