Lancome L'Absolu Nu lipstick

8:47 PM

Coral Sand and Rose Veil.  I have no idea what the random specks are; they appeared on all the pictures I took.

This is a very unique lipstick; it has the consistency of a lip balm and is very moisturizing.  The color does not stay on as well as most lipsticks, but lasts longer than a balm.  I found that after drinking or a couple of hours of wear, it leaves my lips with a nice stain.  I have Rose Veil and Coral Sand.  I don't find the description of the shades to be very accurated.  And Rose Veil looks nothing like what it is in the Kate Winselt ad.  Rose Veil is a little more red than I was expecting.  In the ad, it looks more like a light pink.  It is still a lovely color though.  By looking at the swatches online, Coral Sand looks like a bright coral with a little bit of gold.  I swtached it at a Lancome counter, it is a barely there coral with a hint of gold.  I orginally did not want this shade, but I was looking for somethng light with a little shimmer and I found Coral Sand by accident.  If you have been by a Lancome counter recently, you may have noticed the display for L'Absolu Nu.  It has three shades picked out for light, medium and dark lip tones.  Coral Sand and Rose Veil fall under the category for light lip tones.  There are not many shades in this collection, but there is something for everybody.  The colors are very sheer, so even the red in the collection (Red Chiffon) is not too bold.  These are the least drying lipsticks I have ever used, other than their cousins, L'Absolu Rouge.  I do wish that L'Absolu Nu had an SPF like L'Absolu Rouge.  If you like a more natural lip, but want a little pop of color without going crazy, I would try this line.  But it is pricey, one tube is $29.00.  Considering the quality and the fact it has not irritated my lips, I think it is well worth it.  And the great thing about department store brands is that you can go to the counters and try the products.  As a side note, the case is gorgeous and convenient.  The case has a magnet, so you never have to worry about the top popping off.  The design is also great; it has a floral desgn going up the front.

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