Maybelline Color Sensational Pearls(Twinkle and Coral Gleam)

7:01 PM

I have Twinkle and Color Gleam. And my thoughts on them on pretty different.

I love Coral Gleam.  It is the perfect coral shade for fair skin and anyone that doesn't want a really bright and intense shade.  Twinkle on the other hand is rather odd.  It is basically just adds a frosty shimmer to lips, with a slight hint of pale pink.  It is almost too 1980's looking. Also, these smell slightly of vanilla.  If you can't stand fragrances, I would probably avoid the entire Color Sensational Line.

And I will warn you, I have a pretty bad eczema flare up right now and it shows up on my photo of Twinkle.  The only reason I am even putting this photo on the internet is because I want people to see what eczema looks like. And that is just the tip of the iceberg, it feels about as bad as it looks.   It is not pleasant to walk out of the house with inflamed, red, dry, itchy lips.  Oh, and the lipstick had nothing to do with this current flare up.  This is the first time I have worn Twinkle in weeks.

In the Coral Gleam photo, my lips are normal and have no trace of eczema. So anyone without eczema can see what a difference in can make in one's appearance and self confidence.


Twinkle Swatch

Coral Gleam

Coral Gleam Swatch

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