My Votes for The Worst Eyeliners

6:19 AM

I have already given you my pick for the best eyeliner, so here are my picks for the worst.  Of course I took eczema into consideration.. While these did not causse any flare ups, I can see where they would make existing flare ups worse because they are hard and require a deal of tugging.

1.) Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner. The black liner was okay, and I do love that it comes with its own brush.  But the Eggplant color was horrible.  They dry out quickly, and after that you cannot do a thing with them.  Eggplant didn't even show up on my eyes because it had so little pigment.
2.) Lancome Le Crayon Kohl.  It kills me to put anything by Lancome in any category with the word "worst" in it, but I have to take eczema into consideration. This liner is almost painful to put on.  It does not go on smoothly and you have to pull and tug the skin around your eyes so it does go on.  I'm not just picking on this particular liner, I hate all kohl liners, or anything like them. BUT this is only the case when you first start using it. After a while, the liner becomes a lot easier to use and goes on smoothly.
3.) Sephora Collection Liner Electro Glitter Eye Pencil.  They describe it as creamy, but it is anything but.  It is tough to put on, and has little pigment or glitter.  This is the only Sephora Collection product I have tried and hated.
4.) Bare Escentuals Big and Bright Eyeliner.  This is a self sharpening pencil, but I found that it behaves like a kohl pencil.  It is hard and did not apply smoothly.

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