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8:27 PM

I am starting something new.  I am going to do a "product spotlight" once or twice a week.  Basically it will just be prodcuts that I love.  They may or may not be beauty products, but are beneficial for eczema.

1.) Wholly Guacamole.  I don't even like guacamole, but this stuff is amazing.  Since guacamole is made of avocados, it is also very healthy.  Avocados have monosaturated fats, which help protect the heart.  They also have potassium, vitamin E, B vitamins and many other healthy things.
2.) Cotton exfoliating pads.  These are amazing since they keep you from needing face cleanser, and a scrub.  They are oval shaped and have tiny, gentle beads embedded in them.  You just put your cleanser on the pads, or just use water.  They are $3 for 50, and I found them at Wal-Mart.  And Cotton is the actual brand.
3.) PUR 7 cup water pitcher.  This has made my water taste so much better, and I feel better about drinking it.  I always drank bottled water before(about 3 bottles a day) because my tap water tasted like chlorine.  Good for killing bacteria, but not ingesting.  This filter and pitcher combo removes the chlorine taste/smell, lead, dirt and microorganisms. The filters last about 2 months, and cost around $22 for two of them and the pitcher costs $20.  The pitcher does come with a filter.
4.) Curel Itch Defense Lotion.  It really does get rid of itchiness, and has no scent.  Overtime, it greatly improved the look and feel of my skin.  It also has the National Eczema Association seal on the back/
5.) Stash tea.  I love their peppermint and green tea.  Their green tea has a very light taste, and the peppermint is just amazing.  I have been able to find Stash at Publix, Wal-Mart and Target.
6.) MiO. I prefer this over Crystal Light because it is much easier to use and carry around.  I get 20 uses out of one container, but that is relative.  It depends on how much you add.  MiO also has no calories, and tastes better.  My favorite flavor is Berry Pomegranate.

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