Sephora Collection Flashy Waterproof Liner

6:06 PM

These are an inexpensive version of Urban Decay's 24/7 liner.  The only difference is that Urban Decay has a lot more color variety, is a little more vibrant and the liner lasts a bit longer.  Sephora's Flashy Liner is only $8 and is a great product for the price.  I purchased a set that had trial sizes of nearly every color, and I have the Flashy Blue in full size, which is a bright turqoise.  The full size pencil is .04 oz.  I experienced no irritation with these; no watery eyes, redness or itching.  They are very smooth and just glide on; minimal or no tugging needed.

from left to right: Flashy Indigo*, Flashy Moss, Flashy Brown, Flashy Ultra Brown. And the blue is Urban Decay's Electric which looks like Flashy Blue (currently missing). 

*at last check, this color is no longer made.  Instead, there is Flashy Black Purple, which is a dark plum and looks pretty similar to Flashy Indigo.

I will try to get a better picture of the swatch at some point.

I will post something with just Urban Decay liners later, but first I want to get my hands on the color Deviant.

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