Tips for Popping Pimples

7:46 PM

We really should not be popping them at all, but that can be challenging.  This can cause scarring that takes months to go away.  I always use Q-tips.  I hold one in each hand, and this helps prevent some of the damage using just your hands can cause.  There are also extractor tools, which scare me a little. They look like some torture device from the middle ages.  Another option is to cover your finger with a tissue.  You can also use a needle, which is what my mom usually does.  Clean off the needle and pimple with some rubbing alcohol and lightly insert the needle into the whitehead. Poke the needle through the other side, and squeeze very gently.  Then clean the area with more rubbing alcohol, and I would cleanse using a cleanser with salicylic acid.  If you have blackheads, wait until you get out of a warm shower.  The steam will open up the pores and the blackheads will be "standing" on end. Aftre you get them out, rinse your face with cold water to close the pores.  If pore strips work for you, great. I have never had luck with them.

If you do pop a pimple the old fashioned way and are left with a nasty scar, no fear.  There are ways to help them.  You can use a salicylic acne treatment from the drug store, a little hydroquinone(which usually comes from a dermaologist) or spot correctors ( I know Murad has a good one)  These will help speed up the healing process, but it will still take a long time. Also, products with vitamin C will help any discoloration.

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