Why you need to know what you are allergic too! And how to deal with a reaction.

4:28 PM

I decided I wanted to eat something simple and light. I opted for a Smart Ones frozen meal, which I have had numerous times in the past.  Tonight, I had the Oriental Chicken and over half way through, I felt a portion of my top lip swell.  I ignored it since it wasn't that bad, and I hate taking Benadryl since it makes me very drowsy.  After twenty minutes or so, that area of my lip feels a little numb. I have no idea what caused it, and I looked at the label.  It has no preservatives so I narrowed it down to tapioca or tumeric, since I have never had any.  I made a Bendadryl paste and applied it to the area.  My lip is slowly getting better, but still feels numb.  As a result of this experience, you should know how important it is to get an allergy test. But they don't show everything.  If you have a reaction and don't know what caused it, eliminate certain things you think it could be.  And always have Benadryl handy. If it is just a skin reaction, make a paste with water and apply directly to the area.  If the Benadryl doesn't help, go to the hospital.  I have also soothed a burn from a Jellyfish like this and it worked like a charm. So don't let this happen to you.

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