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This post is a little off topic, but I feel that this is important for everyone.  During a study break, I decided to look through the forum. One of the users started a post by asking "How do you want to be remembered?"  Prior to graduating high school, I would have simply said a brilliant doctor. And by brilliant, I mean intelligent. Not necessairly for how compassionate and kind I was. In a period of three years, that has changed.  Sure, I still want to be a brilliant doctor, but brilliant has a different connotation now.  Quite a few things have changed since then. Well, really just one thing.  I have changed for the better.  It was becoming introduced to a very special and inspiring person that sparked these changes.  I'm starting to believe that divine intervention caused us to meet.  Prior to that, I was the shy, quiet smart kid that know one knew and was afraid to make myself seen. I had no self confidence.  And I was just going to take the easy, and less expensive way out, and be a journalist.  I would not have been happy, but my life would be a heck of a lot easier than what it is now.  But easy is not fun.  I have wanted to be a doctor since I was three, but did not think I was smart enough up until I was 17.  I am good at biology (but horrible at chemistry and physics), but my forte is writing and what is called Humanities (history, English, foreign language). Long story short, I am a pre-med student and wouldn't change this headache of a life for anything.  It is tough, and I have gotten knocked down so many times that I considered other fields for all of two seconds. There mere thought of abandoning my goals at this point made me cry. Which leads me to the first thing I want to be remembered by, which is a fighter. There are numerous other things that are personal and I won't mention that qualify me for this.

I also want to be remembered as someone that treated everyone with respect and kindness.  Of course this is based on how stupid or rude someone is to me.  Volunteering at a hospital and medical clinic brought out a compassionate and understanding in me that I didn't even know I had.  Both experiences, although they seem simple, were difficult and really tought me how to treat people in the most challenging of situtations.

I want to be rememberd as a good daughter and grand daughter.  My mother and grandparents mean everything to me.  I have a huge role in taking care of all three of them, which is the very least I can do after everything they have done for me. I without a doubt have the best mother and grandparents in the world. They are the only family I can trust.

This one is epic as far as I am concerened, considering who I was in high school. I want to be seen as someone who was not afraid to go out of their comfort zone.  It started with applying to be a volunteer at a hospital, then running (and winning) the Secretary of my school's AMSA chapter and being one of the most active members, working at a medical clinic, winning Vice President, going through 4 days of classroom training for being an ER scribe and coming out on top of the class.  I'm not bragging at all, it is just remarkable to me how much I have changed since high school.  I would have never even consdiered doing any of this back then. Even starting this blog was a step out of my comfort zone.

I also want to be remembered as being unique. Which is easy for me.  My focus, determination, class and maturity has always set me apart from everyone else.  So much so that I have never gotten along well with people my age. In fact, I can't stand them and would love to knock some sense into them.  See, I am 21 and sound like an 80 year old. And that was also the case when I was five.

Lastly, I want to be remembered as a kind, caring, compassionate, intelligent dermatologist that makes a difference in the life of those with skin conditions that impact the quality of life.  And the last thing I want to be rememberd as is a cosmetic dermatologist.

So, what about you guys? How do you want to be remembered? What legacy or story do you want to leave behind?

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