Urban Decay Lip Love review

9:10 AM

I am pretty content right now for a few reasons. 1.) My organic chemistry class ended an hour early, 2.) I have coffee, 3.) I am listening Matt Nathanson's new album Modern Love (amazing, by the way) and 4.) I have finally found a lip gloss that is moisturizing enough for my lips.

Urban Decay Lip Love is amazing!! Okay, very seldom do I ever use more than one exclamation mark, but this stuff is just that good.  I bought a couple of Stila's Lip Stains (also love) and wanted some clear gloss to go over it.  I saw the gloss in Drizzle and decided to give it a try.  And am I glad I did.  What makes this gloss so special is that it has honey, which you can taste and smell.  The moisturizing effects contiunue after the gloss wears off and after continued use.  I tend to have very dry lips, and this product has made all the difference and has not caused any irritation.

So far I only have Drizzle, which looks to be a pale pink but goes on clear.  This afternoon I am planning on getting Stung, which is a berry shade.  It looks very dark in the tube, but goes on sheer and looks good on.

By far the best gloss I have ever used.  I just wish it came in a wider variety of colors, like Sephora's Glossy Gloss (my previous all time favorite.)

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