Feel Like A Kid Again

7:18 PM

After this week, I feel like I have been alive for 100 years instead of 21. I have been exposed to the aging process. My joints even hurt and my muscles are tense. Seriously.  Not to mention how exhausted and crabby I am. My grandmother was in the hospital all week and I have been running around like crazy helping my family and balancing school.  Needless to say, taking care of myself took a back seat. And boy, I am really feeling the effects right now.  I have been living off of caffeine, so my skin is dried out. Especially under my eyes. And my dark circles are even worse and my eyes are nice and puffy. By the way, Clinique All About Eyes Serum does wonders and works even better when stored in the fridge.  You can actually feel it working and it is refreshing.  Perricone MD Eye Lift Synergy works very well, but it is expensive.  I use it sparingly.  My Bobbi Brown Corrector and the Creamy Concealer kit along with Pixi's Eye Brigh have been my best friends recently.  A cheap trick to wake up eyes is to brew some green tea.  Let the bags cool and set them over your eyes for about 15 minutes. Presto, brighter and depuffed eyes. Forget about finding a cucumber.  And of course, my eczema has flared up. I have gotten so used to them that I more or less just ignore it.  And this flare up is actually very mild, which tells me I am dealing with all the stress much better than in the past.  I have also kept Vaseline and lip balm (Fresh lip balm) so that kept my lips from getting dry and chapped.  I'm sure I am slightly dehydrated as well.  Instead of drinking just plain water, make some chamomile tea.  It is great for relaxing and does not have as much caffeine as other teas.  If you have a stomach ache (like myself) try peppermint tea.  It is also relaxing but also has intestinal benefits. It also keeps me alert but does not cause any jitters. And of course, there is green tea with its amazing antioxidants. 

And of course there are always makeup tips to help out even more.
1.) Use a nude eyeliner on the waterline. White is too harsh.
2.) Use a good peachy colored concealer for under eye circles.  Keep it a shade lighter than your skin tone.
3.) Use shimmery, neutral eyeshadow. I used Light Bronze from Sephora's Moonshadow Palette.
4.) Mascara, mascara, mascara.  Today, I used Maybelline's The Falsies Flared.
5.) A pretty, bright lipcolor.  I used Maybelline's Color Sensantional High Shine Lip Color in Fruit Punch.

I may not have felt much better, but at least I looked better.

The second one on the top row is Light Bronze.

Eyes are still puffy. Sinus problems..ugh.

And if none of the above work, find something that makes you feel like a kid again =) Mine is a Ring Pop.

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