If I were apartment hunting...

4:02 PM

I would pick the Alexan 360, http://www.vacancy.com/georgia/atlanta-apartments/alexan-360/.  It is in a great location and has easy access to the interstate.  I could easily get to my favorite restaurants and shopping locations.  More importantly, it would be a piece of cake to visit my family and get to school quickly.  There is a great selection of spacious floor plans.  Of course I would go for one of the two bedroom plans so I could turn the second room into an office space/library. Plus it would mean an extra walk in closet.  More than likely, I would go with the Piedmont or Woodruff plans.  Another great feature of these apartments is the fact that they have an outdoor patio for relaxing or entertaining.  The Alexan 360 also has wonderful amenities.  It has not one, but two salt water pools! If one is too crowded, I can just go to the other.  There are two parking decks, which would be great for keeping my car cool and keeping my new paint job looking good. And there are elevators for days I have a lot of stuff to carry, or if I am just feeling lazy. There is also a nice gym.  Even though I may not use it much, it is great to know that it is there. The interior of the aparments are simple, sophisticated and modern. They are move in ready; a must for busy college students and someone who is not very handy around the house. There is no telling what I would mess up if I had to update anything.  The kitchens look amazing and have granite countertops and hardwood floors.  And I really love the hardware on the cabinets; no cheap looking knobs but modern and sleek handles.  Furthermore, the kitchens are open to the living room and I would be able to interact with guests while cooking.  The bathrooms are spacious with large tubs, showers and walk in closets.  The walk in closet alone would sell the place to me since I have a lot of clothes and shoes.  What girl doesn't appreciate an amazing walk-in closet?  The bathrooms also have two sinks, which I really do not need but the extra storage is great.  The bedrooms are spacious and have nice, large windows that provide a lot of natural light, which is very important to me. Since it is a two bedroom and I would turn the second room into an office, a spacious living area is important.  I could easily have a sleeper sofa or place an air mattress in there for guests.  Even though I would probably not use the clubrooms that much due to my busy schedule, they look amazing! The interior is very fun, colorful and modern.  It would be an awesome space to hang out with friends and meet other residents.  The rooftop gardens are gorgeous, too.  So gorgeous in fact, I would spend more time there than in my actual apartment (at least in the spring, fall and winter. GA summers are scorchers!)  They have great views of Atlanta and have lovely fountains as well as Grecian style columns.  The Alexan 360 also offers eco friendly living since it uses renewable resources, has Energy Star appliances and each space has an abundance of natural light, so less electricity is used. And the best part, no yard work.  Seeing this place really makes me wish I were looking for an apartment.  The Alexan 360 definitley has what I am looking for.  If you live in Atlanta, or want to, and are looking for an apartment, I would have a look at this place.  It is fantastic!

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