My New Go To Product-Pixi Eye Bright Liner

4:00 PM

I typically am very exhausted and look like a zombie as a result. I love my Bobbi Brown corrector and concealer, but sometimes it just is not enough.  I read an article about how nude or apricot eyeliners were excellent at making you look more awake. They are more wearable than white eyeliners.  So I began my search.  I really wanted to try Stila's Kajal liner in Topaz but I had trouble finding it.  I ended up getting Pixi's Eye Bright Liner, which is amazing! This is the only liner I have ever used that stays on the waterline all day long.  It is not the softest liner in the world, but it is still easy to work with.  No tugging required, and no watery eyes.  And I was outside nearly all afternoon in 90+ degree temperatures.  This is the first product I have tried by Pixi and I am very impressed.  The Eye Bright Liner can be bought through Pixi's website or at Target.

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