Sephora Moonshadow Baked Palette Review

5:57 PM

I have been arguing with myself about getting this palette.  Today, I was going to get one of the baked trios from the Sephora Collection.  That was until I noticed that the Moonshadow Palette was only $10 more and you get 10 shadows instead of just three. That was a no brainer.  I have only had this for a few hours and just played around with swatching the colors and using two on my eyes.  About three hours ago, I applied two of the colors (with no primer) and they still look freshly applied.  This is my first expoure to baked shadow, but I really like it.  This is a great palette for anyone that likes more subtle looks. A pretty purple and silver shade are included if you want to add some extra pop.  The shadows are very smooth and easy to blend.  They have just enough pigment; not overpowering but can still be seen.  The case is lovely, sturdy and comes with a good sized mirror.

Top Row:
Cream, Light Bronze, Soft Gold, Peach amd Taupe.
*Cream has a little more pink than what you typically think of when you hear "Cream".  I wouldn't really describe Peach as being peachy.  It bears some similarity to Soft Gold but is lighter and more coppery.

Bottom Row:Silver, Deep Brown, Honey Brown, Deep Sienna, Plum.
*These shades are more pigmented than the top row.

Since these shadows have shimmer, fallout is a bit of a concern for people.  I did not experience too much of a problem with it.  Nothing a bit of makeup remover cannot fix.
I would not consider this an amazing product but I do really like it.  I can see myself using this on a regular basis for my neutral days.  If you hate shimmer, I would definitley skip this palette.

All of the shades have shimmer.  Deep Sienna has the least amount of shimmer.

Top Row, left to right: Cream, Light Bronze, Soft Gold, Peach, Taupe
Bottom Row, left to right: Silver, Deep Brown, Honey Brown, Deep Sienna. Plum

top row

bottom row
The shadows look a lot better in person, I promise =) I just need a new camera.

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