e.l.f hypershine gloss in Ruby Kiss

4:16 PM

Not the worst lip gloss I have used, but not the best.  It is a little thick for my taste., but that also means it does not run. However the thickness made it a little more time consuming to apply. But I do like the color and the pigmentation.  The finish is not too glossy and it stays put.  And you cannot beat the price.  This came in a set with two other glosses for $3 at Target.  The applicator is just like Stila's lip gloss, and of the Bonne Bell lipgloss from back in the day. (First makeup I bought, and who doesn't love Lip Smackers?)  Sorry, minor tangent, lol.  Anyhow, considering that these are really cheap, the quality is very good.  They are not drying, nor are they the most moisturizing.

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