e.l.f lipstick Classy swatch and review

4:37 PM

Certainly not the best lipstick I have used, but considering it costs $1.00, it is not that bad.  It is not creamy and you will definitley want to be sure you do not have any dry flakes on your lips prior to application.  This lipstick will enhance any dryness.  But once you have taken care of all that, the color is very nice and actually stays on a long a time. The sticker on the packaging makes Classy look coral, but really it is more of a rosy pink. How they came up with the coral sticker is beyond me.  I actually got compliments on the color.  It is more of a matte finish, so you will want to have some lip balm or clear gloss handy.  Would I buy another tube, probably not.  I like creamy lipsticks that are a little more moisturizing.  For anyone who is prone to dy lips and eczema flare ups of the lips, I would probably avoid these lipsticks.  But on the plus side, they did not irritate my lips any, so I will continue to use the tube I have. For everyone else, I would say try them out if you are on a budget. After all, they are only $1.00 =)

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