Nuance Color Vibrance Lipstick in Shimmering Nude

7:20 PM

Aparently this line by Salma Hayek has been around since spring, but I was just made aware of it today.  Out of curiosity, I went to my CVS and was actually impressed with what I saw.  I bought this lipstick, an eyeshadow quad and the rose lip balm.  First up is the lipstick.

It is so creamy, smooth and moisturizing.  Much more so than I had anticipated.  The color pay off is also great, even in a more subtle color.  It is also long lasting and the moisturizing effects last. One of the ingredients is Vitamin E, so you know it will keep lips smooth.  The tube is also very nice and has a pretty floral design.  Even better, it comes sealed. Which is rare for something sold at a drug store. The price is even better.  It is normally $9.99 but it is currently on sale for $7.99.  It is much better quality than other drug store brands.  There are not a lot of colors in the line, but it covers all of the essentials.  Of course there is a nude, a pink, a coral, a red, mauve, burgandy and a plum.Which in all honesty, you do not need much more than that.  These lipsticks also have no fragrance, or at least none that I can detect. I know this is an important quality for a lot of people with sensitive skin.  This is one line worth checking out.

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