At Home Face Mask with Greek Yogurt and Honey

6:45 AM

I came across this recipe while watching The Chew one afternoon. Normally I never make face masks at home because it is time consuming and botancal products often irritate my skin. Since this one is just two ingredients, I decided to give it a try and share the results.

Basically you just mix up a little Greek Yogurt and Honey. The latic acid in the yogurt acts as an exfoliant and the honey has anti-microbial properties which is good for breakouts. It also makes skin, and lips, feel softer. Just let the mask fully dry and rinse off. This mask will be freezing cold when you put it on, and will smell bad. But I hate yogurt anyway so that might not be a problem for you guys.
After I rinsed it off, my skin did feel nice, tight and clean but not dried out. And no eczema irritation, which I was a little concerned about(like always). I am not sure that I would use the mask again since the smell bothered me that badly. Plus Greek Yogurt and Honey can be pricey(unless you always have them in your kitchen), and you can get Freeman's facial mask's a little bit cheaper.

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  1. Love this! I used to do olive oil and honey for my hair, now honey and yogurt for the fave! Do you think you could use normal yogurt or does it have to be Greek? I've got eczema too, especially around my eyes, and it's lovely to see others like me out there!

    1. I use olive oil on my hair and my feet and elbows. It is wonderful to keep on hand, I don't see why normal yogurt wouldn't work since it has lactic acid, too. I will have to try it out again just to be sure =) I sympathize with you about having eczema on the eyes. I have the same problem sometimes. Recently I have tried vitamin E oil on my face and eye lids, and it actually seems to help. I want to try it a little longer just to make sure I don't give any bad advice, but I will post about it once I have figured it out =) Thanks for checking out my blog; hope you enjoy it!


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