Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Rhubarb

4:06 PM

Finally, a natural product I can use. I love this tinted lip balm more than any other. It comes in a wide variety of shades. At the moment I have Rhubarb, Fig, Watermelom and Champagne. These balms give a lovely, sheer layer of color that is very moisturizing. These have peppermint oil in them, which gives a wonderful cooling effect and slight scent that lasts. The color also stays on really well. As an FYI, you can get a 3 pack at Target for $9.99(one costs about $5.00) The shade names do an excellent job of describing the colors. Watermelon is a nice, light shade of pink whil fig is a plummy brown. Champagne adds a little bit of shimmer to the lips but does not have much color. Rhubarb is kind of a sheer red. Bottom line, I am in love with these things. They are perfect for a natural look or days when you do not have time to apply anything else.

All pics are of Rhubarb..great for fall.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! I love tinted lip balm too.

    I'm your new follower. I'd be flattered if you could follow mine too :)

    Pose Posh Post

  2. I haven't tried the Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer, but I love their tinted lip balms. Rhubarb is a nice color on you!

  3. Thanks =) These are amazing and I definitley reccommend them. I haven't tried the tinted lip balms, but I have been eyeing them.


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