CoverGirl Blast FlipStick

5:07 PM

This is the only CoverGrirl product I have used and actually liked. The concept of two blendable lip colors really caught my attention and I bought it in "Whisper." One shade is a berry pink, while the other is just a pale pink. I have been wearing mine for the last few hours and through eating, and the stuff has stayed on. And it is not the least bit drying; my lips feel very moisturized after applying and the lipstick is fairly creamy. I'm actually convinced to get a couple more(hopefully tomorrow). In the pictures, you really cannot see the blending effect, but it is apparent in person. In the first picture, I only have on the darker shade, and in the following pictures, both shades are applied. The paler color lightens up the look and adds more sheen. At the moment, the only place I have seen this product is Ulta.

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  1. OOOhhh this is so pretty! I haven't seen it yet either! The last CG lipstick I tried I was not impressed with but this formula looks amazing!


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