Favorite Red Lipsticks~Dragon Girl and Red Haute

2:35 PM

Rather than do two seperate reviews, I figured I would review these at the same time since they are very similar. These are true matte reds, and two of my favorite lip products. There is not much difference in color, but there are a few other differences. The first being that NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl is a pencil, which means that product is wasted. But it is also more precise and a little easier to apply. It is also a little more of a true matte and as such, is a bit drying but not too bad. And this color does not budge. Red Haute seems a little brighter and is more creamy, but still matte. This also stays put. It is also $2 cheaper than NARS at $22. I use both at the same time occasionally; I will apply Dragon Girl lightly and put Red Haute over it. It lasts all day long; just need to apply a clear balm a couple of times. I give both an A+ =)

                                       Left: Dragon Girl. Right: Red Haute

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