Urban Decay Brow Box review

1:01 PM

Recently, I have become interested in making my brows stand out a bit more. Which is odd considering my brows are already nice and I didn't really care in the past. But I tried filling them in a little with a brown liner I had, and I looked more awake and just looked better. But the liner was too dark and I wanted something more subtle and natural. And I found the Urban Decay Brow Box and fell in love. There are two colors: Honey Pot for blonde and Brown Sugar for Brunette. Intially, I obviously was going to get Brown Sugar. I tried on Honey Pot just to be sure and it actually worked a lot better; it was a lot more natural but still gave the effect I was looking for. So be sure to try both out just to be sure it is the right color for you. The packaging is very cute and convienent. It comes with two powders (light and dark), a small brush, tweezers, wax and it has a mirror. There is not much of a difference between the powders, one is just a tad darker.  The tweezers are not the best, but they do their job. I wasn't sure how the wax was going to work with my skin(it has been acting up lately) but no sensitivity and breakouts. Know I completley understand the rave reviews it has on Sephora and it will remain a staple in my kit.

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