Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow

1:48 PM

I finally managed to get my hands on two of these, and I really love them. I got Edgy Emerald and Bad to the Bronze. Edgy Emerald is a vibrant grass green and Bad to the Bronze is a true bronze. They are a cream eyeshadow, but creasing is a lot less of an issue with these than with other cream shadows. I used Edgy Emerald for my Christmas day look and it lasted literally all day without budging or creasing. I did use a primer and a powder shadow on top, but even so, that is pretty amazing for a cream shadow. The pigment is really great, they are smooth and easy to blend. I definitley see myself using them a lot because they are so good. If you can find them, I would pick a color or two up. I really wanted the taupe color, but they were out.

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  1. These look amazing i really want them haha

  2. where did you get these? Absolutely stunning!

  3. I found these at CVS and I have recently seen them at Target. They are pretty great :)

  4. Ok thanks alot! Going to see if I can find them!


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