Victoria's Secret Deluxe Eye Palette

5:38 PM

I have two(Masquerade and Mirage) out of four of these palettes, and got them at 50% off at Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale. These shadows swatch and apply very well. They are smooth and very nicely pigmented. The shades coordinate very well together, but also look nice when worn alone. When I first used Mirage(it is my favorite of the two), I was very impressed at the smoothness and pigment of the shadow. My eyes looked great, and I hoped they would stay looking great. But, the staying power of these shadows leave a lot to be desired. I think both palettes lasted maybe 4 hours(even with primer), if that, on me. My Wet-n-Wild shadows lasted a whole lot longer than that. I was greatly disappointed because the quality seemed really nice and the colors were gorgeous. However, the lack of staying power is a deal breaker for me. I hate the look of faded or creased shadow a lot. As much as I hate to say it, these may go back.
The packaging is really cute, especially Mirage(bottom). Masquerade is on top.

Mirage; the shadows apply just like they look in the container.
                                                                            Mirage Swatches


                                  Masquerade Swatches; not quite as pigmented as Mirage.

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  1. Oh too bad they don't last well! I have only tried their lip glosses, which I really like, but I wouldn't have imagined that their eyeshadows are not long lasting, which is dissapointing! I agree, very beautiful packaging!!! Wish they would have worked out for you!

    1. I was really disappointed that they didn't last. The colors are so lovely. The texture and good pigment lead me to believe that they would have lasted a little longer. I may end up keeping Mirage and see if using a different primer makes any difference.


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