Quick Review of Clinique's Acne Cleansing Bar

3:05 PM

Hi everyone. Sorry it has been so long since my last post, but life is pretty hectic and busy right now. I have also been testing out a few skincare products over the last month or so and wanted to really see what they are capable of. One of my favorite products that I have tried during this time is Clinique's Acne Cleansing Bar. This is the first Clinque product I have ever used, and I must admit that I am very impressed and pleased. My skin had gotten out of control due to very high levels of stress and using the wrong products. After being on antibiotic for a month and trying some moderatley effective cleansers, my mom found this bar. And it has made all the difference. The antibiotic really cleared up some of the deeper blemishes but the blackheads were not going away. This bar took care of that problem in a few days, and really got rid of shine. I used it with my Clarisonic for the first few days, which I found to be really drying and irritating. However, once I stopped using my Clarisonic as much, the irritation went away. The bar is HUGE and at $14, is very affordable since it will last a very long time. It also comes with a nice, sturdy case to hold the soap. My only gripe(very minor) is that it does not lather up very well; it takes some effort. It is fairly strong, so I would be careful for the first few days. I have also noticed a reduction in the redness of some of the post-acne marks I have. I also had some dryness and redness along my jaw, and since I started using this, that has disappeared. I did a post about Perricone's Glycolic Acid Bar and I thought that was a good product. But this Clinique bar is much, much better and a lot less expensive. Needless to say, I took the Perricone bars back to the store.

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