Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream review

8:52 PM

So, I have a few new favorite face products and this is one of them. I was all over the idea of a BB cream since I first heard about them a month or so ago. Finding a good one in the states seems to be a bit of a challenge. One of the advantages to the Smashbox BB cream is that it comes in more shades(5) than other brands. The downside: the price. It is $39 for 1 oz.  But the quality of this product is great. The coverage is great(depending on if you like sheer to medium) and it lasts all day. It also has SPF 35. There is no need for a primer or sunscreen, so it is great if you are in a hurry and has a bit more coverage than tinted moisturizers. And it stays on a lot better than any I have ever used. I have a few acne scars on my forehead and cheek, and this does an okay job of covering most of them up. They are not completley gone, but this BB cream does make a difference. On the days I use this, I notice my skin does not get as oily(with or without the use of a loose powder) and my pores are a lot less visible. It is very lightweight and is not drying or irritating, The consistency is a little thick and creamy, but it blends well. I am including two pictures I took while wearing the product. I used my phone for one because it is a little less forgiving than a regular camera and I wanted to show how nice the coverage is(provided you have no acne scars). The last two photos show the texture and how it looks applied when photographed with a real camera.

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