Buxom Big&Healthy Lip Cream

7:26 AM

This is my new favorite product! Now I know why there is so much hype around Buxom. The feel, texture and colors of this are perfect. This product does have a slight plumping effect, but I did not experience a stinging sensation. I felt more of a minty tingle that actually lasted for a couple of hours. And the is a slight caramel like scent, but it is not overpowering and I actually loved it. The actual lip cream stayed on for about 4 hours with no reapplying and did not dry out my lips. My mother was actually the first to introduce me to this lip cream. She had bought three shades: Pink Lady, Berry Craze and White Russian. The first two she loved, but White Russian wasn´t flattering on her. So before she had the chance to return it, I tried it for myself and loved it. It is the perfect nude color for me. I have been trying to find one for the longest time, and here it is..Buxom Big and Healthy Lip Cream in White Russian. They describe it as a pink nude, which is accurate but they just need to add perfect in front of it :) And it is featured in the spring trends on Sephora´s homepage.

Right now, I only have swatches of White Russian since I am pretty much head over heels for it and could not wait to review it, lol.
I have ordered Mudslide, which also looks like it will be a nice neutral shade, but just darker.

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  1. Thanks for joining in the blog hop, I am following back! Be sure to come back and join in every Friday! I have this product and love it as well. I get more of the tingle feeling, not stinging. It's great for chapped lips as well.

  2. Thank you =) I have gained a few followers from your blog hop and will be sure to partcipate each week. I have noticed that it is good for chapped lips too, which is yet another reason to love this product.


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