Clinique Acne Solutions Foundation

3:09 PM

I started using this foundation a few weeks ago, and overall I really like it. One unique aspect of this foundation is that it has 0.5% salicylic acid to help prevent blemishes. I have noticed a slight reduction in the number of blemishes I have gotten since using it. However, there is a draw back to the salicylic acid; it can dry out your skin after using the foundation for a couple of days. To solve this I do one of two things: I switch to my Smashbox BB cream for a few days or I mix the foundation with moisturizer. Both work really well. The foundation has medium coverage that is buildable and is a little on the runny side. It offers a matte finish, but I have noticed that it gets a little oily after 4 or 5 hours(which is typical for most foundations on me). It does not completley cover up redness from acne scars, but it does so well enough. I have not experienced any kind of irritation while using this product, just some occasional dryness. My shade is 01(fresh alabaster) and it matches perfectly, which is something that is hard for me to find since I am so pale. The price point is also good; it is $26.00 which is about half the price of most department brand foundations. And it works better than the drug store brands I have used, and the shade actually matches. And a little bit goes a very long way. I also like the way the product is despensed; it is not the classic pump dispense nor is it a huge hole where you have to shake it out. It has a thin nozzle that dispenses the foundation with the slightest squeeze. Would I buy this product again? Most likely since I really like the product and the fact that it is fragrance free is great.

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