Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush

8:29 PM

The first time I saw the display at CVS, I sat there examining it and thought "What the heck is this? A bouncy blush? How could this be any good?" My curiosity eventually got the best of me and I picked out the shade "Rose Petal." At first, I did not like this blush very much. The bounciness(and it is somewhat spongy) of it threw me off a little and I am not used to more creamy blushes. But once I figured out a good method of application and how much I needed, I learned to love this. I just put enough on my finger to give a little color and lightly rub onto my cheekbones. Rose petal gives a lovely pinky-coral tint to cheeks that is absolutley perfect for spring, or anytime your face needs a little boost. It seems to act a little like a cheek tint but does not stay on all day. However, it does stay on for a good while. For me, that would be long enough to get through classes(about 4-6 hours, maybe longer depending on the day) and/or running errands. I am also planning on using this a lip color, but just in a different shade. There are 10 available shades in stores.  I can't see this blush lasting a very long time before you need to repurchase it(I'm guessing around 5-6 months); mine already looks very used. But at $6.99, it is inexpensive.  If you don't like it at first, play around with it for a few days. You may change your mind like I did =)

Rose Petal applied to the cheek bones

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