The Crimson Amulet Collection By NYX part 1

9:45 AM

I am going to do the swatches and reviews of this palette in sections to make things easier. First up will be the eyeshadows, which I am not pleased with. A lot of the colors have so little pigment, you cannot see them without piling them on.  The only shadows that show up are the dark ones.  The shadows are smooth, but what good is that when they don't show up? This really is a shame because the colors look gorgeous in the packaging and they appear to have a ton of pigment. The staying power is also not there, even with primer. The one day I tried this palette, I had spend a long time working with the shadow so it would show up and blend the way I wanted, which still did not work well. I am not sure I would even recommend this for people new to makeup; I would say go to Wet n Wild as their shadows have so much more pigment and staying power. Also, the container does have a strange scent, which is probably due to the foam insert. It reminds me of the smell of new walking shoes, which is probably the most odd description I have ever given a product.
  I am a pretty harsh critic of eyeshadow since it is my favorite cosmetic and my standards for it are about as high as my standards for men.
I really wanted to give you guys a positive review, but I just couldn't do it. I may try to get some better pictures, but I really think that this is as good as it will get.
The first photos represent the first 12 shadows. There are a couple of shades that cannot even be seen such as the second and seventh. The best shadows of this bunch are the copper of the first row and the plum-brown shade of the last row(the very last shade).

The second set, which contains all neutrals:

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