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1:26 PM

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone is having a great week so far.  It is time for another installment of Question Wednesday and this weeks topic is food. And who doesn't love food?  If you are interested in participating, see Nykki's Mane Blog for details.

1. Vegetables or Fruit?

Vegetables. I seem to have a mild allergic reaction to a lot of fruit, so I avoid it for the most part. But I do love grapes and berries. 
2. Salt or Sugar?
Talk about picking your poison, lol. I have to go with salt. I love salty snacks, but I do have the occasional sweet tooth.
3. Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner food?
Lunch or dinner. I have never been a big breakfast person.
4. If you HAD to choose only one food item to eat for the rest of your life what would it be?
I'm not sure if I can even answer this one.  It would probably be my go to dish that I make which consists of whole wheat penne, olive oil, peas or broccoli, cayenne pepper and some type of protein. Or my grandmother's canned green beans from her garden. They are amazing!
5. What is one food that you HATE that most people like?
Probably watermelon. I am from the south, so watermelon is a pretty big deal. I can't stand it, though. It just seems like such a hassle to cut up and then you have all the seeds. Plus it has a weird taste and texture. Everyone in my family likes it, except me, so I always have people trying to convince me to give it another try. Which is not going to happen, lol.

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  1. This looks like a very fun post because I love food! I might also do one soon :) I can totally relate to the watermelon situation! My mom always reminded me how much I hated watermelon as a kid. I have not been very fond of this fruit until I went to Costa Rica last month. Their fruit just taste so amazingly delicious! Maybe if you get a chance to taste some of their watermelon, your preference might change too. haha

    Karen @

    1. These posts are really fun =) It is a great way to get to know the person behind the blog. I hope to go to Costa Rica someday; it looks beautiful. And maybe you're right; I may develop a taste for watermelon if I ever go.

  2. haha! Watermelon is one of the only fruits what I really like!! But you are so right! They are such a hassle to eat!!

    Thanks so much for participating!! :)

    xox, nykki

  3. Found your post from QW! I'm so not a fan of watermelon. It's so weird! I love your blog and I'm now following :)


    1. Thank you so much! I am following your blog, too.

  4. I love these kinds of posts! Check out my blog Luv...I just gave you an award! XO

  5. Great post. I love Watermelon. You can always get the seedless one. I eat my watermelon with salt. Try that, you might end up liking it.

    1. I have tried it with salt. I just can't like it, lol.


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