Sephora+Pantone Color of the Year Eyeshadow Quad

5:13 PM

I will admit that this shadow does not have the best quality in the world, but I still love it. It is smooth and easy to apply/blend. But they are a smidge powdery and a couple of the shades(Pavement and Sparrow) I would consider to to be a tiny bit chalky. However, the pigmentation is nice and the staying power is great. Staying power is the most important aspect of a shadow, in my opinion. I also love the packaging; it is magnetic! It is also very modern in appearance, which is neat. The color descriptions are as follows:
Scallop Shell: nude with slight shimmer.
Sparrow: medium brown with very little shimmer; looks matte in the container. Sephora's website describes this shade as plum, but I do not see that at all.
Pavement: black with fine silver glitter
Carnelian: orange

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  1. The packaging is gorgeous! I love the brown shades, I'm such a sucker for neutral shades haha :-)

    1. I love the packaging; it is very neat. Unfortunatly, I'm a sucker for all shades =) But these neutrals are great; I really love Scallop Shell as an all over color or subtle highlight.

    2. I have to agree with you Kristen, I'm a sucker for ALL those shades, really gorgeous

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  3. Gorgeous shades, loving the Inglot-esque packaging too :)


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