Beauty Bloggers Debate #4

2:20 PM

I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far!  This post is my response to this weeks Beauty Bloggers Debate started by Aly at Wonderland Beauty.  This week has a new twist, so check out her Beauty Bloggers Debate #4 Post.

This weeks debate is on Youtube vs Blogs and which you prefer.  There is no contest, I prefer blogs whether it is reading them or working on my own.  I have filmed two videos in my life and they nearly drove me batty.  I had to film so many takes before I was even a little bit satisfied with the result and then there was the upload time.  I don't even enjoy watching Youtube videos whether beauty related or not.  I get bored a minute into any video and reading a blog does not do that to me. Plus, I feel like I am doing my brain some good by reading rather than watching.  I am a natural born reader and writer.  I think in some ways, both are a dying art and Youtube does not help that. Blogging takes a lot less time for me. Aside from taking the pictures, I can have a post up in 10-15 minutes vs the one day that it took me to film a video.  I am also more eloquent when I can write.  I get very nervous when a camera is pointed at me and forget the points I want to go over.  With writing, I don't even have to brainstorm.  It usually just comes out and I am done.  I try to keep the wording in my review and FOTD posts concise because I know a lot of people are the opposite of me and dislike reading.  The process of blogging is just more enjoyable and a heck of a lot easier for me.  If I were to do a video, it would probably take me two days to get the desired product.  I would want my video to be perfection since people can see everything I am doing.  With a blog, that is not as much of a concern.  Plus, nothing I do is complicated enough to need a Youtube video and it is much easier to see swatches for a product review in a blog post rather than a video.  Blogging is also more personal and you get to connect with people.  Plus, there is so much negativity and ignorance on Youtube.  The blogging world is a much kinder place.

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  1. I like both.. but I like blogging more reading and writing.. the pictures are just more clear and detailed =)

    1. I guess I am just slightly old school, lol. I agree. It is more difficult to get a feel for a product through a Youtube video. Maybe someday I will break into the Youtube world just to see what it is really like and to say I at least tried it.

  2. Yay! I'm so glad you participated! You brought up some great points that I didn't even think about- like how it's easier to get a feel for a product while blogging. Plus, Youtube is such a brutal place, blogging is more friendly!

    thanks so much! :)

  3. You're welcome =) I had a lot fun with this post and cannot wait to see what the next one brings. It is actually sad how brutal people are on Youtube; it takes a brave and patient person to handle some of the harsh comments. Blogging is just more enjoyable in my opinion.


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