The Body Shop Baked To Last Blush in Petal

1:47 PM

Happy Friday everyone! I hope everyone has had a good week. This post is about my new favorite blush; the Baked to Last Blush from The Body Shop.  I have fallen in love with their products over the last few weeks.  Their cosmetics are wonderful and priced fairly reasonably.  This blush is incredibly pigmented. To get enough color on your brush, you barely have to touch the blush.  It is very smooth and easy to blend.  It is not matte, and has a good amount of shimmer but not enough to make you look crazy. Since it is so pigmented, it is pretty easy to over apply so just beware of that. This is the perfect blush for adding a little flush and the color is great for spring. The Body Shop says this about the blush: "Create a fresh, flirty, natural looking complexion with a clever blusher duo, handmade and slow baked for up to 8 hours of deliciously rich color." And all of that is 100% true.  The key ingredients are pearl, manula oil (found in a lot of their cosmetics), olive oil and jojoba, so there is no shortage of good stuff in this blush. And this leads me to my favorite thing about their cosmetics.  Not only are they great quality and look stunning when applied, they are also good for your skin.  The Body Shop also does a lot of good for people and communities, so you really cannot go wrong.  I feel that this blush gives me a nice glow that lasts all day.  There are two shades in the individual package; a petal pink and a light peach.  I have used the peach as a highlight in conjunction with the petal pink, alone and only the petal pink. All three versions look great.  The pictures in this post are a combination of the colors.

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  1. I really need to get myself down to The Body Shop! I haven't been in there for awhile now and your posts are making me want to go! This blush looks sooo pretty! :)

    1. That store is more tempting than Sephora, lol. But I am really loving their products now. And the blush is gorgeous, I have worn it everyday since I bought it.


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