The Body Shop's Baked Shadow~Quartz and Copper~

8:23 AM

My first encounter was during my first visit into The Body Shop and it was used on me during a makeover.  My mom and I both loved the results, so I knew that I had to return and get it.  Which I did a week later.  I seldom wear pink eyeshadows, but that has changed.  This is actually an eyeshadow duo that comes with a pretty pale, shimmery pink and a darker brown with pink mixed in and has pink shimmer.  It is actually pretty cool looking when you see it in person.  Probably the most impressive quality about this product is the lasting power.  I am willing to go as far to say that it stays on better than any other shadow I own, and I do use the same primer with all of them (Too Faced's Shadow Insurance).  The pigment is also great and the shadows are smooth.  I have never been a fan of baked eyeshadows (probably thanks to Sephora's own collection of them), but I really love this one.  I also have this in Copper, which is just as great.  These are great for creating a subtle, natural look and they also make your eyes pop.  Copper is gorgeous; it comes with a shimmery light copper and a medium brown with copper shimmer.  It almost makes me drool a little because I am a sap for beautiful copper shadows.  And this is my favorite copper.  These shadows do come across as more shimmery in the photos than what they actually are.  Although the copper shade does have more than the others.  If you are not a fan of shimmery eyeshadows, these are not for you.  I definitely plan on trying out some the other shades (there are 8 total), especially Moonstone and Amethyst.  These get a five out of five from me.





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