MUFE Eyeshadow #5

8:36 PM

Even though I don't wear this shadow that much, it is one of my favorite shades.  It is very vibrant and oodles of fun. Yes, I just used the word "oodles" to describe an eyeshadow.  #5 is a true vibrant matte coral, unlike any other shade I have every seen.  It is very pigmented and smooth. It blends well and stays on well.  It is not the longest lasting shadow I have since it fades a little by the end of the day.  It is smooth, but not as much as Urban Decay or Wet n Wild shadows.  My favorite way to wear this is simply as a crease color with a light (something like Urban Decay's Sin) all over base.  I may post this tomorrow as an EOTD so you can see what the shade looks like applied.  It is quite nice :)  This was my first experience with MUFE shadows and I'm not sure I will buy others.  The formula is good, but not that amazing in my opinion and the staying power is okay.  Plus $19 is a teensy bit steep.  I say this is one of my favorite shades because I have not seen a coral like this from any other brand, and this is the only matte shadow that I like to date.

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  1. This is a really pretty color. Too bad about it's staying power tho


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