Question Wednesday~Pets~

5:07 PM

It is time for another Question Wednesday, and this week is all about pets! If you want to participate, head over to Nykki's Mane Blog

How many pets do you have && what are their names?
I have 1 yellow lab, Kelly.  I did have two others, Friday (black lab/pit bull mix) who recently passed away, and Jumper (crazy and sweet Jack Russel) who my grandparents had to give away.  Both have good stories behind them, but they are kind of long, lol.
2. Why do you have pets?
They love you no matter what and can make a rough day so much better.  I love seeing how happy Kelly gets when I get home, and how angry she gets when I leave.  Kelly always knows when I am upset, and refuses to leave my side when I am.
3. What is your dream pet? {Breed, Kind, etc.}
Hmm..this is tough. The only kind of dogs I do not like are the small, toy dogs. In fact, I just hate them.  They look like rats and in my experience, never shut up.  I really want a Great Dane, Husky, some type of Spaniel and another Yellow Lab.  Not all at once, though.  That would be too much for me to handle, lol.
4. If you could domesticate any wild animal and have it for a pet, which would it be?
Probably a tiger because they are so beautiful and majestic.
5. Let's solve the biggest pet debate: Cats or Dogs?
Dogs, and simply because I am very allergic to cats.  Dogs are also happy and will sit beside you, etc. where as cats are very independent. Which can also be a good thing.
Of course I had to include a pic of her as a puppy.

This is the reaction I get when I come home...

and when I leave.

Friday looking like a crabby. old man and Jumper doing what he does best.

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  1. Aw, your animals are adorable! I agree that a tiger would be a great pet!

    1. Thanks =) I would love to have one, but I also think I would be scared of it once it grew to full size, lol.

  2. cuteee!!! :D
    i found you through blog hop, would you like to follow each other?

    1. Of course =) I just followed your blog =)

  3. Love the pictures you included at the end! I would love a tiger. They would be so much fun if domesticated :)


    1. Thank you =) They would be, and I don't think you would ever have to worry about anyone messing with you, lol.

  4. Your animals are gorgeous. I am so sorry to hear about your loss xx

    1. Thanks =) He lived a long life, so it was just his time.


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