Question Wednesday~Spring Edition~

10:34 AM

Hi everyone! It is time for another Question Wednesday and this week's topic is all about Spring.  Head over to Nykki's Mane Blog for more details.

1. What is your favorite season && why?

Autumn because the temperature is perfect, it isn't hot or cold but just right.  I also love seeing the leaves change; the colors are so vibrant and stunning.  Sadly, it doesn't last too long in Georgia.
2. What is your favorite flower?
I love tulips and the Crocus flower is gorgeous, too.
3. What is the current trend that you love, but haven't or wouldn't try? {{if you are fearless, what is one that you have tried && loved}}
I recently saw an article on Instyle's site that showed two-toned makeup on the eyes, lips and cheeks. I will definitely try it soon, but probably on the eyes and/or lips.
4. How would you spend an ideal spring day?
In the most perfect of worlds, I would be doing one of three things: my butt would be on a beach in Fiji or Tahiti, exploring Rome and enjoying coffee or walking around Paris. Or maybe relaxing in Santorini, Greece.  Throw in some reading, good friends, family, food and working on my blog =) Of course I would love to be doing any of these things on any given day; all are huge dreams of mine.  Of course none of this is possible right now, so I would be happy relaxing by a pool or going shopping and eating at one of my favorite restaurants (Chipolte, Figo, Borgo Italia) or going somewhere new. Oh, and good iced coffee along with a good book and music is a must.
5. What do you love most about the spring months?
Nothing. I actually hate spring.  I have terrible allergies and Spring weather lasts maybe  two weeks before temperatures go into the 90's. Oh, and the number of bugs. I loathe all of the bugs.  But if I actually had a pool, or knew anyone that did, I am sure I would like spring a little more.

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  1. Good answers! I love tulips too.

  2. hah! Your answer to number 5 cracked me up! :)

    I haven't seen this trend yet - two toned makeup.

    I will have to look it up! :)

    thanks so much for posting!

    xo, nykki

  3. Allergies could really ruin Spring :(

  4. I'm with you girl, I loathe all of the bugs!!

    xo, Jersey Girl


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