Tuesday's Treats

10:28 PM

Hi everyone! It is time for another edition of Tuesday's Treats, which is a blog hop where you do a brief post about an item you are lusting for or are loving.  Head over to Spot of Tea to check it out and/or link up if you are interested.

My pick for this week is an eyeshadow palette from Sephora+Pantone.  Apparently a lot of Beauty Insiders received this as a gift to review, which made me a little angry since I did not get one and my VIB status is secure until Decemer 2013 (and has been since last year), but I have not bought a lot from Sephora in the last two months, either.  This palette as a wide array of colors that look gorgeous.  There are yellows, greens, blues and purples.  But the color choice is not overwhelming and the packaging looks nice and even artistic, yet simple.  It is $55.00, but currently cannot be bought.  Even though I am intrigued by this palette, I may end up passing because I have never been in love with Sephora's own line of shadows.

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  1. This looks pretty great! I wonder how the eyeshadows are though. Thanks for posting!!


  2. Wow, I wish I got one! New follower- can't wait to catch up on your posts :)

  3. that looks pretty good. i may have to try it. thamks for sharing. :)

  4. nice!!!!!!!!! I found you at the blogroll =)


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